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General FAQ

1. Where are you located?  
We are an online bakery based in Moreno Valley, California.
2. Do you offer delivery?
Yes, we most certainly do! Delivery rate is based on mileage to venue. 
3. Are order pickup's available?
Yes, you can pick up your orders on the following dates/times in Moreno Valley, Ca.. Friday 7pm-9pm. Saturday 10am-12pm.
4. Do you ship?
Yes, we ship cookies nationwide. Shipping rates apply depending on the quantity.
5. How do I inquire for your sweets?
It's super easy, just click here and add the required information.
6. How far ahead in advance do I need to place my order?
A 2-3 week notice is required. Rushed orders are available however, fees apply.Cookies orders can be placed as early as 3months in advance & Cake orders up to 6 months in advance.
7. Do I need to pay everything upfront?
No. All orders require a 50% deposit. All orders are paid online via square invoice. Terms of  policy are on the invoice. By making payment you are accepting the terms and conditions. The remaining balance is due 1 week before the pickup/ delivery date.
8. How is pricing  determined for cookies, cake pops, & cupcakes?
Pricing is based on the complexity of  design, colors, airbrush and highlighting features. All items are sold by the dozen. 
9. How is pricing determined for cakes?
Pricing is based on servings and complexity of design. The more details a cake has the core it will cost.
10. Do you offer cake tastings?
Yes, we do for a fee of $50. You can have up to 4 people at the tasting. All the cake flavors & fillings will be available to sample.To schedule a tasting, please click here.
11. What other treats do yo make besides cakes& cookies?
We make the following: chocolate covered Oreo, pretzels and rice krispies. Also cheesecake shooters, cupcakes and cake pops.
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